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Booze Day Tuesday

So the week has started, and like most of us...I'm kind of over it already. But since you're here. Shall we have a beer ?

So sitting down at my desk , I was curious about what local beer I should waffle about first. And then , like the proverbial ton of bricks, it hit me. Do Third Place.

Why Third Place? well...mainly because I've drank far too many of them to just let my thoughts sit idle. So here we go :

This imperial IPA comes from Upstreet Craft Brewing, and is available seasonally for the time being.

Imperial? Storm Trooper? STAR WARS BEER! Chill fellow nerds. Imperial is a term that nowadays usually translates to a higher alcohol content. Most imperial beer sit at or around the 8% mark. But as we know with craft brewing, the rules are merely guidelines (Don't come for me you purists) . With all this ; I feel it necessary to add : Leave the car keys alone if you plan on visiting your "Place" .

Lurking around 60 IBU , this beer doesn't go without its bite. But that being said the stereotypical "Pine-y" taste of an IPA is definitely not at the forefront. Very citrus forward, with the slightest touch of stone fruit. Followed lastly by the "pine" that some IPA enthusiasts seek. Mouth-feel is satisfying, and full. This beer does a great job at masking its high ABV, and delivering a truly refreshing Imperial IPA.

It may not be for everyone, but ..neither am I.

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