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Promises are meant to be kept, otherwise what's the point.

Heads up. I already broke mine.

The original idea behind this blog was to give the reader an inside glimpse into the realities of starting an urban farm from scratch on PEI. The underlying intention was for it to serve as a resource. A place you can find some inspiration for your next grow, with a tasteful amount of garden porn mixed in. I wanted to bring you all along for the ride. Little did I realize, my bus was already fresh out of seat-belts.

Without trying to trigger anyone, I'm going to come right out with it: This COVID thing has been pretty messed up. It's been a long haul for the majority of Islanders...well people. period. Highs, lows, unemployment, confusion, The Metaverse? It's been a lot to handle. My "c"-word journey wrapped up in May of this year. I landed a full-time permanent day job; it's a good job, one could argue, a great job. I've always been handy, so using those abilities to pay for my living isn't the worst way to spend the majority of my waking hours. Is it a career? No, my career will always be growing food.

All the while adjusting to a new job, I remembered that I had taken on the responsibility of co-teaching a workshop for the Food Exchange PEI.

(If you don't know what those lovely folks are about

then check them out here: )

As excited as I was to be helping new growers get better, I also forgot how much I had learned since I first started my quest for green thumbs. Teaching potential brand-new gardeners, all the while resisting the urge to word-vomit growing knowledge at them. No sweat.

New job, workshop , the blog project , managing social media and not to mention running and growing the farm , something had to give . The blog was the victim, part of me always knew it would be the first casualty. It is after all , the most challenging aspect of this journey I'm on. With the blog put onto a shelf, the season went on. The beer was drank, but never written about . The crazy hot peppers came and went, again never written about . But almost more importantly than that - The Beginners guide to Crop Planning - never happened.

I enjoy math, fucked I know . But the numbers portion of planning crops each season is something I really enjoy doing . Calculating germination times , growth schedules, harvest times , seed and start counts, desired harvest needs . Stuff just turns me on, can't really explain it. Don't really care to.

Enough about my weekend plans, I made a promise to the Workshop class that I would put together something to help them make the most out of their season. That was months ago , and now it's nearly Christmas. There it is , the broken promise. Never again , I'm never making another promise.

Instead , I'll make a commitment.

A commitment to

make sure their is always something to learn, a way to improve and something to make you smile while you wait for your next pogey check

- T

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