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Farm? In the city?

Since 2018, we've been using under appreciated green space within city-limits to feed our customers. 

Some will argue : this hardly makes you a farm .

And to that ,we have to agree.

We aren't what is traditionally viewed as farmers; and we never will be. 

The idea of needing 200 acres to turn a profit  - I don't know man 

The idea of monocropping year after year, destroying all biodiversity  - Still not feeling it .

Owning a tractor - Just stop. 

We farm using the smallest carbon foot-print possible . All the while using every sustainable and organic practice we can apply . Spray free, Low-till and grown quite literally in your back yard .

When push comes to shove : We're here to provide the tastiest, and freshest produce , grown the way it should be; in 1.5 acres or less. 

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