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Growing again?

So here it is, my big undertaking - my moment - my shot; as the song goes. Well, no. Maybe that's exaggerated. This is a medium moment. More of a session really.

A blog ? The Burly Blog? Burl-og? I'm still not 100% on what this will be called . Naming the farm was enough of a task.

This blog was originally a Newsletter. Forgive me, a GREAT newsletter. But.. as first attempts often go , you bite off more than you can chew. Mid-season burn-out sets in , and the newsletter falls by the wayside . So after burring my head in the compost pile , I've decided to emerge once again. Roots down , cotyledons to the sky. Ready to grow once more.

As we have received nothing but support since the early stages of the farm; I feel compelled to make sure that you feel a little closer to what you've helped create. When it all boils down to it- We can only do what we do because of the community that supports us . That's not something we take lightly.

I plan to pick up exactly where I left off with the newsletter. I'm still going to review local beer, curse about pests and provide you with great information straight from the field that will help with your garden at home. But I also hope this brings our community closer. You should know your farmer. I mean , you have no business knowing what size my underwear is . But you should feel a connection to the food you eat.

For now, this is where I will end my rant. Won't be the last, and they will only get worse I'm sure .

So stay tuned, stay dirty and lastly - Go fucking grow something . .

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