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Booze Day Tuesday #2

The munchies are gone.

There are pretzels everywhere.

My mouth is a desert.


For this evening's selection : Hollywood- a west coast style IPA,

brewed by the lovely crew at Lone Oak brewing company. Located in Borden, near that bridge that we were once so proud to own. These lads are giving people another reason to sneak across.

This "West Coast style" IPA sits at 6.7% ABV with a medium placed 50 IBU. It's a refreshing west cost style IPA, but it doesn't really break any molds either . This would be a great choice for someone looking to start slow into stronger IPA's . A beginner beer? Yeah, lets go with that.

According to the label, this beer has "Intense hop character" . Don't get me wrong: It's a west coast IPA; they're always hoppy. But, Intense ? Not quite. The biscuit malt is what really saves this beer from being average; it rounds out the entire experience and keeps it whole, all the while not taking away from the citrus and pine notes. Will this beer satisfy a beer snob ? Probably not . But is it an approachable IPA? Fuck yes it is .

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